Introduction to the Peruvian Marketplace-A Few Interesting Fruits!

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Because of the great variety of climates and micro-climates in the country (arid coastal desert, the high-altitude Andes, humid Amazon and everything in between), Peruvians have a great deal of options when it comes to selecting their fruits and vegetables. Today we are highlighting three fruits that are very popular throughout Peru; chiremoya, granadilla and maracuya!

Also known as custard apple in some English-speaking countries, the chiremoya has very soft,


sweet flesh, and is thought to be native to the Andes.  Its name originates from the Quechua word chirimuya, meaning “cold seeds”, due to the fact this fruit flourishes at high altitudes.


Granadilla is a subtropical fruit belonging to the same family as passion fruit and maracuya (see below).  For anyone visiting lower-altitude parts of the Cusco area (such as Santa Teresa), it is likely you will spot this fruit and its flowers growing from long vines during your travels.


Maracuya-While maracuya  is commonly grown on parts of the Peruvian coast and jungle, it is a popular fruit all over the country, particularly in juices and aguas.  It is more tart than granadilla, and makes an excellent substitute for lime in a Pisco Sour!

Fresh fruit and fruit juices are well-liked in Peru and can be found easily in most cities.  If you have time in Lima, La Lucha ( has a large menu of juices, sandwiches and piscos to sample in convenient locations.  Here in Cusco we have Yahuu!, a local chain with a similar menu to La Lucha.  If you are interested in a fresh fruit cocktail, Limo is a great place to sample local juices and liquors.  Both Yahuu! and Limo are located in the Cusco Plaza de Armas.

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