Inca Trail Trekking Tips
INCA TRAIL SOLD OUT. Four words that anyone thinking of trekking in Peru dreads hearing. But should you really despair? Not at all! Just because Inca Trail permits have sold out does not mean that you can’t hike to Machu Picchu. There are so many alternative Machu Picchu treks out there, the right tour is...
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Giving you the best trekking Peru has to offer Everyone agrees, the Choquequirao to Machu Picchu trek is some of the best trekking Peru has to offer. Enjoy a wonderful hike through the high, isolated Andes, visiting amazing Incan ruins along the way. Don’t believe us? Read these client reviews! My Review of the Choquequirao...
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Mandy, a former Apus Peru team member, completed our 8-day Choquequirao to Machu Picchu Adventure Trek. We asked her to write a trek review about her experience…Read on for her first-hand account of this incredible Peru trek! Thanks Mandy!!!     Trekker Review: First, a bit about me My name is Mandy and I was...
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Off the beaten path treks
Top 6 Alternative Treks to Machu Picchu Every year, Inca Trail permits sell out faster and faster. In order to ensure a spot on this most famous Peru trek, you better think about booking 6 to 8 months in advance. Not a plan-ahead kind of person? Never fear! There are a lot of amazing alternative treks...
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Diane Patterson completed the Choquequirao hike with a group of friends in 2012, and wrote a detailed and beautiful account of her experiences. This is definitely worth a read if you are considering hiking to Choquequirao!  Note, the campsites mentioned are different than those typically used by Apus Peru. Thank you Diane for the story...
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choquequirao-to-machu picchu-7days
Choquequirao Trail Review by Scott Thompson and Megan Bishop. Scott and Megan hiked the Choquequirao trail to Machu Picchu with Apus in May of 2015. Here is what Scott had to say regarding the trek and Apus Peru’s services.    As a lead-in, I think one of the common problems with most feedback or ratings, is...
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  Choquequirao is a must see site in the Andes. See it now in relative peace and quiet before the promised Choquequirao cable car changes this route forever. Why trek to Choquequirao now? If you enjoy solitude, amazing views and the satisfaction of a strenuous trek, we recommend that you start planning your Choquequirao trek...
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Still on a high almost three months later… Are you looking for a real Peru adventure? How about the chance to visit an ancient Incan site that’s even more impressive – and less touristed – than Machu Picchu? If you answered “yes” to either of those questions, then Choquequirao is the best hike in Peru...
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Want to give back while on holidays? Join an Apus Peru Clean Up Trek today! Read on to learn about being Handy in the Andes.
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We would like to share a photo story of our 12 day Choquequirao, Salkantay Inca Trail to Machu Picchu route, from this year at the end of March. Thanks to the fabulous Jenkins’ couple, our excellent guide Urbano (gracias por las fotos!!) and absolutely not forgetting the trek team and our chef Mauro, “the magician”. Enjoy.. For more information...
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