Vilcabamba trek

The Essence of Espíritu Pampa: Manco Inca’s haven from the Spanish – The route is back on! Those who have done some research and know their Inca history might have come across information about Espíritu Pampa, also know as the “Lost City of the Incas” – the last Inca stronghold after their escape from the...
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Many thanks to Father and Son team Matt and Russ Wood for their photographs and our Chef Mauro and Guide Herbert for their skills along our 9 day adventurous trek from Choquequirao up to Vilcabamba including a visit to Machu Pichcu as a just reward! http://www.apus-peru.com/treks/choquequirao_machu_picchu.html We have 4 confirmed departures ready to join for this trek...
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Hello! This is Apus Peru Customer Service Manager Amanda Zenick.  I´ve just returned from our five day Vilcabamba-Machu Picchu trek, which was an amazing experience.  Vilcabamba is a very remote area; we didn´t see a single other trekker, and only a few locals during the entire trek.  The scenery was varied, and ranged from humid...
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