"I carted a 20kg pack through the Vilcabamba ranges while eating bread and cheese when I first arrived in Peru. Later, I trekked with my 60 + mother, and we adapted our trekking styles to include a riding mule . On my most recent Inca trail trek I paid a porter to carry my one year old - something in my younger days I would never have considered! The point is, there is no one kind of traveller or trekker and people have different needs." Apus Peru Co Founder Ariana Svenson.

Giving back

Trek with us and $20 of your trek price is donated to generate a sustainable trekking industry in the Andes, and the NGO: ThreadsofPeru.com



A young man sits on a mountain top with more of the Andes in distance beyond. A tall rock scultpure sits in the foreground by a small cactus.

Trek Styles

What kind of trekker are you? A saavy traveller knows their own boundaries, budget and fitness levels and chooses a trek standard that is right for them.

Apus Peru offers different styles of trek so that everyone - from the budget conscious to the mature person dreaming of their first trek can do it in the style appropriate to their needs. Most importantly, with these 4 different types of trekking you know that you are treating people right, paying fair wages, and behaving in an environmentally conscious way.

Apus Peru Style(Standard Service - Private ) Excellent guides, delicious food, alternative, custom designed treks and departures any day with two people mean that you can get off the beaten track and enjoy Apus Peru's well known service on the off the beaten track trekking route that you want to do. The advantage of this service is enjoying solitude on your trek and being able to walk at your own pace. This is a good option for groups of friends who want to share a great adventure together! This service can be upgraded in various different ways, including Aguas Calientes Upgrades.

Trekkers Wanted (Standard Service - Shared) Features the Apus Peru Style service but opens your trek up for others to join which offers the bonus of having the trek you want on the date you want, with the possibility of more people joining. If others join the price of the trek reduces and you get to share your adventure with new friends! If you open up the trek yourself, you nominate the trek route you wish to do, and the standard of Upgrades included. (All other people that join the trek must choose the same standard of Upgrade). We do not recommend the Trekkers Wanted option for Inca Trail treks during high season (May through August).

Comfort Camping (Luxury Service) This is for people who like to have a hot shower in the evening and a little more comfort while camping, with larger tents and camp beds. This is an excellent quality service that is ideal for those people who are used to lodge to lodge trekking or like a bit more comfort while on their vacation. This service can be upgraded in various different ways, including Aguas Calientes Upgrades, a masseuse en route or your own yoga instructor. This is true 'glamping'!

DesignYourOwn (Custom Trek) This is a private trek, that you design with help from your Apus Peru travel consultant! These treks are the type that have you staying with a family in a remote area for an extra night, climbing a little known mountain, or combining two little known treks. We have an enormous amount of knowledge of the mountains, the people and these routes, so there is nothing more than we like to design something special for you! (Anything that does not have a trek code fits into this category!)

Special Treks These are specially designed treks with volunteer activities incoporated, so they make take longer or incorporate some community work along the way. They are completely unique to Apus Peru and part of our committment to communities and the environment. When you travel with Apus Peru, you know that sustainabilty and a committment to doing things differently and transparently are part of our way of working. On this trek we invite you to help us, and the communties keep the trails clean, amongst an number of other initiatives.