Comfort Camping

After a grueling day of high altitude hiking in Peru, take some of the hardship out of your trekking experience and opt for our Comfort Camping Upgrade!

I have never done glamping before this, but now I am spoiled and likely will never go back to carrying my own gear. I especially loved that the staff blew up my air mattress, set up my tent, and brought coffee to my tent at wake-up time!

Barbara Fox

Ever wanted to experience glamping in Peru? Our Comfort Camping upgrade offers the best of both worlds – remote, hiking adventure with glam camping, a luxury camping experience.

Glamping means you still get to experience a night under the stars and that chance to commune with nature – but with a little added comfort. See below for specific details about what our luxury camping upgrade includes. Take your Peru hike to the next level with comfort camping in the Andes! 

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Comfort Camping Includes:

  • A small camp bed, resting about 6 inches above the floor
  • Thick, Thermarest foam mattress
  • Thermarest inflatable pillow
  • Deluxe sleeping bag rated at -15˚C
  • Larger tents. These tents are designed to fit the camp beds and give you more space to stand up and move around.
  • Comfortable camping chairs with backs
  • Hot water shower tent. Note: as we need to boil the water for a hot shower, they must be very short.
  • A high quality Black Diamond walking stick.

Glamping: The Fine Print

Comfort Camping cannot be combined with Standard Camping on the same tour. If the Comfort Camping option is selected for your trek, this service will be provided for and charged to every member of your group.

Comfort Camping applies only to nights spent camping outdoors during your trek. If your trek includes a night in a hotel in Aguas Calientes, this will be a Standard hotel unless you additionally select the Aguas Calientes Upgrade.


  • $70/day per person for most treks
  • $105/day per person for Inca Trail treks

Comfort Camping must be selected at time of booking.

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