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Peru has a rich culture and fascinating history: from pre-Columbian times through to the impressive Incan Empire, the colonial era and the modern Peru of today, there is an almost infinite cultural tapestry to explore.

The Peruvian calendar – and particularly the Andes – is measured by a series of colourful festivals, Saints’ days and cultural traditions.

Get a taste for Peruvian culture by checking out these articles on everything from Peruvian food and local delicacies to the Qoyllur R’iti pilgrimage, the Virgen del Carmen festival, the stunning Andean weaving tradition, and so much more!

Cusco Peru festivals

Festivals in Cusco: 5 Cusco Holidays in June You Don’t Want to Miss!

Festivals in Cusco are an integral part of the city’s rich cultural...
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A Sight to Behold: The Triple Sunrise Over Tres Cruces, Paucartambo

This is no ordinary sunrise at Tres Cruces – it’s a unique...
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Festivals in Peru: A Guide to Peru’s Cultural Calendar

Plan your trip any month of the year around one of the...
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Qeswachaka: A Swinging Festival for the Last Inca Rope Bridge

See the handmade Qeswachaka bridge hung across a steep canyon, then cross...
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Cruz Velacuy – A Guide to Cusco’s Festival of the Cross

Discover Cruz Velacuy – a joyful festival celebrated in Cusco in the...
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Inti Raymi: The Fascinating Sun Festival in Peru

One of the most important Peru festivals, Inti Raymi must be seen...
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Virgen del Carmen, Paucartambo: A Festival in Peru Like No Other (Truly!)

The Virgen del Carmen festival in Paucartambo, Peru is a roaring good...
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The Ultimate Guide to Attending the Qoyllur Rit’i Festival

Everything you need to know to visit one of Peru’s most breathtaking...
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Celebrating Easter in Peru

Why not celebrate Easter in Peru? We give you the low-down on...
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What Is Peru Famous For? Llamas, Llosa and Beyond

What is Peru famous for? If we had a sol for each...
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