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Peru has a rich culture and fascinating history: from pre-Columbian times through to the impressive Incan Empire, the colonial era and the modern Peru of today, there is an almost infinite cultural tapestry to explore.

The Peruvian calendar – and particularly the Andes – is measured by a series of colourful festivals, Saints’ days and cultural traditions.

Get a taste for Peruvian culture by checking out these articles on everything from Peruvian food and local delicacies to the Qoyllur R’iti pilgrimage, the Virgen del Carmen festival, the stunning Andean weaving tradition, and so much more!

Curry in Cusco!! Foodie review – a continuation. Megan Malley

Last year Megan Malley, Threads of Peru intern, had the delightful task...
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Cooking Classes with a Cusqueña view by Suzanne van Ommeren

To set the scene.. In the hills around Cusco, a walking distance...
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Cusco Wining and Dining.. a continuation

Given the fact that 40% of travellers come to Peru for gastronomic...
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Cusco wining and dining, by Megan Malley

Megan has finished her internship with Threads of Peru, but while she...
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Fascinating shapes and sizes of… Non-potato Andean Tuber Crops

Peru, and the Andean region in general, is famous for its incredible...
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Introduction to the Peruvian Marketplace: Plants & Herbs

Continuing with our series of blogs introduction to the Peruvian Market place,...
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Tastes of Lima!

Enjoy the bright colors and tastes of Peru with these photos from...
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Festival of San Sebastian in Cusco

Cusco has an impressive array of festivals and events that are celebrated...
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2013-International Year of Quinoa

2013 has been declared  International Year of the Quinoa by the United...
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Introduction to The Peruvian Marketplace-Ceviche & Camote!

This week we are talking about camote, and one of the most...
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