Introduction to The Peruvian Marketplace-Ceviche & Camote!

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This week we are talking about camote, and one of the most famous Peruvian dishes it is part of, ceviche.  Camote is very similar to  sweet potato in the United States.  It is served in many dishes, but with ceviche it is served boiled and cold on the side of the fresh fish.

Image                         Camote, potatoes and rocoto in San Pedro Market, Cusco.

Peruvian ceviche is made with raw fish and seafood “cooked” in lime and mixed with onion & peppers (the rocoto in the image above).  It is normally served with cancha salada (fried & salted corn kernels) and camote,


Traditional Peruvian ceviche, with sides of camote & cancha

Seafood is one of the highlights of a trip to Peru, particularly on the coast.  In Lima, traditionally prepared ceviche and tiradito plates are plentiful, as are more inventive or fusion restaurants.  If you have free time in Lima and are interested in trying ceviche or tiraditos (similarly “cooked” fish in different spicy sauces), here are a few suggestions:

For traditionally prepared plates: La Red ( ) in business since 1981!

For delicious Japanese-Peruvian dishes: Maido ( )

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