Our Meals

Giving back

Trek with us and $20 of your trek price is donated to generate a sustainable trekking industry in the Andes, and the NGO: ThreadsofPeru.com

Apus Peru Food examples

We often get asked, "what kind of meals do you serve while on your treks?"

After a challenging trek we know how important a hot, well-prepared meal can be to prepare your body and to warm you up! That’s why on every trek with Apus Peru we employ chefs with years of experience cooking on the trails and provide filling, nutritious meals using fresh ingredients and a variety of flavours. We can also cater to your dietary requirements whether you a vegetarian, vegan or just don’t like beets! 
Every chef prepares different meals depending on what food is available and what the clients request but a typical meal can include:
Breakfast – Pancakes, omelettes or fruit salad, fruit, yoghurt, porridge, bread, butter and jam.
Lunch/Dinner - Always start with a soup and/or an entree with fresh vegetables, followed by Meat/Fish with a pasta dish, rice dish, potato dish and a delicious fresh sauce to complement. 
Beverages –  We provide a variety of teas including fresh Coca tea, Mint tea as well as Coffee & Cocoa.
Apus Peru also provides a snack to be eaten during the trek after each meal.

We think that a picture tells a thousand words and have included some pictures here, prepared by our cook Herbert Saire Puma, pictured to the right.

Our cooks serve hygenically prepared food that features Peruvian and Western dishes. If you are a vegetarian or have specially dietary requirements and/or allergies, please specify on your booking form and remind us at your briefing. Water is boiled for three minutes before being used for cooking and raw vegetables, if served, are washed in boiled / purified water.