“The toughest but at the same time most amazing trip I have done. A wonderful way to really see a country and Apus Peru made it all really easy.” Clare, United Kingdom. Choquequirao to Machu Picchu trek , October 2009.

Giving back

Trek with us and $20 of your trek price is donated to generate a sustainable trekking industry in the Andes, and the NGO: ThreadsofPeru.com

A young man sits on a mountain top with more of the Andes in distance beyond. A tall rock scultpure sits in the foreground by a small cactus.

Why Choose Apus Peru?

10 Good Reasons to travel with us!

  1. Unique trekking Routes. Apus Peru specializes in unique, off the beaten track options that most other trek and tour operators do not! Every trek offered was first explored by our owners in the spirit of adventure in the Andes.  Even on the most popular routes, we make every effort to avoid crowds and personalize your experience. 
  2. Personalised attention. Apus Peru are a small, family owned business that provides personalized attention from beginning to the end of your trek or tour.  We take the time to answer each individual query and custom design your experience.  We try to ensure your trek aligns with your needs and interests and we try to be as honest and forthright in our dealings with clients as possible
  3. Trekkers Wanted. We provide the innovative free listing called Trekkers Wanted, which was the kind of thing we liked to see when we were back packing around the world.  It means that you can pick the dates for your trek, but list for others to join you, reducing costs and adding to the fun. (but only if you want!) We were the first agency in Cusco to offer this listing.
  4. Sustainbility Verified. We were proud to be certified by the internationally renowned Rainforest Alliance in Sustainable Tourism from 2011-2013.  We were the first trekking agency in Cusco to seek this verification as we believed it was important to have an independent audit of our practices.   We follow both ecologically and economically sustainable and responsible business practices, including above-average wages for our guides, cooks, muleteers and porters.  Our policy of booking treks and tours in advance means that our staff can anticipate and depend on Apus Peru income. Our staff participates in environmental policy training, and follows these guidelines on our treks.
  5. Great guides. We carefully match the best guides with each trek and group, another reason why we ask you to book as early as you can. Apus Peru guides are highly trained, have excellent language proficiency and communication skills and are regularly evaluated using trek reports each trekker fills out at the end of their trip. Guides receive annual training in First Aid, Mountain rescue techniques as well as frequent capacitacion about a range of pertinent topics. In our Apus Peru style treks (and above) there will be a guide for every 8 clients with one of them being the head guide. This ensures a higher safety and attention to clients  versus other operators.
  6. Delicious meals. Our meals and cooks regularly receive rave reviews from our clients! Apus Peru meals include generous and delicious breakfasts, snacks, lunches, tea services and dinners that we can adapt to your specific requests. Our menus include a variety of Peruvian and international food and also cater for vegetarian, vegan and special dietary requests, all at no extra cost.  We try to include organic products where we can get them (ie organic coffee for brewing).
  7. Recent equipment.  We purchase new equipment every year in a 2 -3 year rotation and are constantly seeking out the most comfortable  (yet affordable) brands to use.  As we are backpackers and trekkers we try to think of what we would like when on the trail.
  8. Threads of Peru. Apus Peru donates $15.00 USD per client for each trek or tour that we sell to Threads of Peru (www.threadsofperu.com/ ), an NGO that works in remote communities that our treks visit.  Threads of Peru works to sustain Andean weaving traditions, provide economic opportunities to weavers, and support the health and education of their families.   This is not a token donation for marketing purposes, this is a core part of our business and in 2011 we donated in excess of $7,000.
  9. Departures every day. Apus  Peru focus on unique experiences... with this ethos of quality not quantity we do not have big, cheap groups departing frequently. We will depart any day for clearly advertised prices listed on our website.
  10. Operate 100% of treks Other agents claiming daily departures operate their treks jointly with other companies in service rotation. Hence, you book a departure with tour operator A with the risk that it will actually be operated by tour operator B without you knowing. Even if we only have a single traveler for a set departure date, this will be operated by us.

In summary:

  • For these reasons, we have highly satisfied clients. On our website we post frank feedback from client reports, and will scan additional copies for potential clients. Original reports are also available at our office in Cusco.
  • If you begin to compare us, you will see that there  are other operators that  offer treks at a lower price. This does not mean they are offering the same program at a lower price: the level of service will not be the same.
  • We offer excellent value for money. If you carefully review the inclusions, and take into consideration the level of service, compared to other “eco” agencies we come out offering very fair prices.
  • We understand price is always a consideration but hope the reasons above help explain why trekking with Apus Peru is an excellent choice!