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The coronavirus pandemic has devastated the Peruvian tourism industry, slashing the income of many to zero. 80% of people in Cusco rely on tourism to earn their living and they have seen their income for 2020 vanish right before their eyes. Join us in raising funds to replace some of that lost income, and bring financial relief to the hard-working people of the Andes

Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, the tourism industry in Cusco has been completely destroyed.

Our greatest concern right now is our field team

The guides, cooks, porters, muleteers and drivers who make our treks possible – many of whom live in disadvantaged indigenous communities.

They’re the people who walk alongside you on the trail, who make sure everything goes smoothly, and who make sure you safely get from point A to point B. They are literally the heart and soul of our company.

This year they are facing the unimaginable: the very real possibility that they will have ZERO income this year.

That’s why we’re raising money for an emergency relief fund for our field staff.

100% of whatever we raise will go directly to them.

Apus Peru team guides


It may not seem like it, but even $10 will go a long way towards helping us meet our goal. Every contribution counts. Make a donation to our campaign today!

As a thank you for your generous support of our initiative, we have curated a selection of rewards that (we hope!) you will love and will help you to feel connected to us, to the Andes, and to the incredible people that we work with.


There are still ways you can help out!

By spreading the word. Tell your friends! Tell your neighbors! Anyone and everyone you know who might be interested in Peru, responsible travel, the outdoors, mountains, or adventure trekking – and invite them to check out our campaign page!

Do you have a travel blog?  Post a link to our website or to our campaign page and tell your followers about what we’re trying to do.

By following us on social media! We’ll be posting regularly on our Instagram and Facebook pages, so this is another great way to stay informed, and spread the message by re-posting our campaign-related posts.


Help us help them. We are all in this together.


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