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Here in the Apus Peru reservations office, we get tons of enquiries from solo trekkers or small groups looking to form a larger group to do a specific trek on particular dates. Since we only organize private treks, we aren’t able to accommodate enquiries like these.

But – we weren’t satisfied with that, and so we created a forum to try to match people up, and fulfill their Andean trekking dreams!

Some of our private Peru trekking groups are keen to have others join them. These are confirmed departures (unless otherwise noted), with extra space to fill. Check out the current list of departures on our Trekkers Wanted page!

Others prefer to get together a group first before confirming their booking. That’s what Post Your Dates is for! Below you’ll find a list of discussion topics in the Post Your Dates forum of all the people who are looking to form a trekking group. Start a new topic, or reply directly to any post in order to make arrangements and form your Andean trekking group!

Happy Trekking 🙂

Please note that in order to start a topic for your desired trek or to reply to an existing topic, you must log in to your account or register as a new user. Your email address will not be published, and your personal data will not be saved in this browser unless you check the box.



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