"I´ve backpacked and travelled a lot, usually as a couple or I´ve done some journeys alone. Trekkers Wanted is the kind of resource I always looked for, a place to join up with others. Hopefully it works for you!" - Ariana Svenson, Apus Peru Co-Founder.

Giving back

Trek with us and $20 of your trek price is donated to generate a sustainable trekking industry in the Andes, and the NGO:

Apus Peru staff

Apus Peru staff

Apus Peru staff

Apus Peru staff

Photo of 3 rafts on a beautiful and calm Peruvian river surrounded by trees and mountains
The Apus Peru staff in a group shot on a sunny day.

Want to Join a Trek in Peru?

Listed on this page are groups of people who have made a deposit and are departing on the date specified. These people are looking for others to join them - they are guaranteed departures, except where noted. The maximum group size is 12, in our view the optimum size group for a good quality experience. This is the perfect chance for people travelling alone to join up with others.

If you have seen the trek that you want to do, but want others to join, then the best way to this is to email us, make a deposit and guarantee the trip departure. The trek will then be listed on the website and others have the opportunity to join you. (however: it is never guaranteed that others will join) Be assured that the treks listed here have got people who want to depart on them!

We recommend getting your trek listed at least 2-3 months prior to departure to give your trek a good chance of getting others to join! See below for advantagtes and disadvantages of this system of the "apus peru trekkers wanted" system.

list of departing groups

For the updated list of groups please go to this page

Additional Options

please note: some companies advertise fixed departure dates (with a minimum of 2-5 people) for the whole year. their prices seem cheaper but read the fine print in terms of minimum numbers for departure - you may need to pay an additional fee to depart with less than five! Also, a common practice amongst Cusco agencies is to "endosar" or "on-sell" passengers. That is, Agency A doesn't get enough passengers to run the trip therefore they will "on sell" their passengers to Agency B who has already got a group departing.

We operate our own tours and will not "on sell" passengers to other companies. That way, we can guarantee the quality of your experience and that our staff are treated in an ethical manner.

advantages & disadvantages of the apus peru trekkers wanted system

Private Tour

Shared Tour


  • Flexibility in departure date.
  • Flexibility to alter your route according to your needs and the parameters of your tour sense of truly "adventuring"
  • Personalised attention from guide and staff.


  • More expensive
  • Don't get to meet other people in your group


  • Cheaper you get to meet other people
  • Maximum group size (unless by special arrangement is 12) therefore still good contact with guide & staff


  • Fixed departure date
  • Less flexibility in altering route or going at your own pace (ie you have to consider the pace and considerations of all hikers)