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It is undeniable that Machu Picchu holds a fascination for most travelers. For many people, this Inca city is the subject of childhood dreams. But why Machu Picchu is important, and is Machu Picchu worth visiting? In this post, you will find the answers to those questions and some reasons you should include this spot in your bucket list.  Table of Contents So, Why is Machu Picchu Important?Machu Picchu and...
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high altitude trek Peru
Congratulations! You’ve decided to book an Andean trek with Apus Peru! If you read the descriptions of some of our Andean treks, you’ll have noticed that we talk a lot about altitude acclimatization. Why, you ask? Well, most people, no matter where you live, are used to being at altitudes much closer to sea level: Paris, Berlin, London – all around 35m. Beijing – 44m. New York? A mere 10m...
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Visiting Machu Picchu is a bucket list item for many people and you’re sure to want to get the most out of this magical experience. Here we outline the basics of any visit to Machu Picchu so you’re in the know about how it works and what to expect. We also share our top tips for how to have an amazing time at this incredible site! If you are planning...
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If you’ve already sifted through other blogs about day hikes and a perfect Sacred Valley tour from Cusco, you’ll know that most of them are just lists of popular tours you can take through the famous Sacred Valley of the Incas in Peru. At Apus Peru, we think a bit differently. Our aim is to provide genuinely useful information about the Sacred Valley for independent travelers seeking a truly different,...
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What is Peru famous for? If we had a sol for each time we’ve been asked that question, our hoard would probably rival the lost Inca gold. So, we have decided to round up some of the great icons of this popular South American country. If you want to know your ceviche from your cuy and have always wondered why Sid the sloth is so alarmingly compelling, then read on...
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