Being Handy in the Andes: Why Apus Peru Clean-up Treks are Special

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One of the things we strive to do through our alternative treks is to give back to the community that we are trekking through, ensuring that the benefits of tourism actually reach the people who live here. That’s why we innovated our special Apus Peru Clean Up Treks.

The group gets a rundown of what to expect on this Ausangate Vinicunca Clean Up Trek.         Photo: Two Sundowners

One of the most damaging effects of adventure tourism we have witnessed is the garbage that is left behind by trekkers. Apus Peru aims to minimize this damage in two ways: (1) we carry out all trash generated on our treks; and (2) we organize special Clean Up Treks throughout the year as an extra way of giving back to the community, and doing our part to care for the environment.

Ausangate Vinicunca Clean Up Trek
Intrepid and conscientious trekkers give back while on holiday on this Ausangate Vinicunca Clean Up Trek. Photo: Two Sundowners.

Why should you join a Clean Up Trek with Apus Peru? Because they’re a lot of fun! Join a group of up to 12 people on one of our normal trekking routes, enjoy Apus Peru’s superior service and give back to the Andes as much as you receive. We organize 6-8 Clean Up Treks per year along routes such as the Lares & Machu Picchu 4-day trek and the Choquequirao to Machu Picchu 9-day trek .

William and the Clean Up Trek crew having a blast while doing good on the Salkantay route in 2017. Photo: Two Sundowners.

Not only will you feel great about helping the local environment, you will also receive a 20% discount off the normal trek price AND a fabulous Apus Peru Clean Up Trek t-shirt! Not only that, but we will also throw in a free sleeping bag and walking stick rental to use on the Clean Up Trek.

Garbage disposal in the Andes is a hugely challenging problem – in that it doesn’t exist. There are few roads on the routes we trek through, and no way for the distant municipality to coordinate garbage pick-up.

Feel great and look great in your Handy in the Andes t-shirt, your reward for doing good on an Apus Peru Clean Up Trek! Photo: Two Sundowners.

The Clean Up Treks are a great way for the adventure traveller to see another side of Peru, and really get immersed in the local environment. The group works in rotating teams so that everyone has a turn being tasked with collecting garbage, but also has an opportunity to enjoy the hike, undistracted. Apus Peru has thought of everything – extra staff and mules accompany the group on Clean Up Treks, ensuring an easeful as well as a useful trip.

So if you’re a traveller interested in volunteering a bit of your time while on holidays, consider booking an Apus Peru Clean Up Trek today!



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