“The toughest but at the same time most amazing trip I have done. A wonderful way to really see a country and Apus Peru made it all really easy.” Clare, United Kingdom. Choquequirao to Machu Picchu trek , October 2009.

Giving back

Trek with us and $20 of your trek price is donated to generate a sustainable trekking industry in the Andes, and the NGO: ThreadsofPeru.com



A young man sits on a mountain top with more of the Andes in distance beyond. A tall rock scultpure sits in the foreground by a small cactus.

Handy in the Andes Community Cleanup Trek

The idea is to have fun, while trekking and helping to keep these beautiful areas clean! How it works: do something good while on a trek and be rewarded! Help the environmment and save on your Apus Peru trek... do something different while on holidays!

For details of upcoming treks please check out our Trekkers Wanted blog!

Special Treks

These are specially designed treks with volunteer activities incorporated, so they make take longer or you might do some community work along the way. They are completely unique to Apus Peru and part of our commitment to communities and the environment. When you travel with Apus Peru, you know that sustainability and a commitment to doing things differently and transparently are part of our way of working. On this trek we invite you to help us, and the communities keep the trails clean, amongst a number of other initiatives.

Handy in the Andes Clean up Treks

Interested in helping the local environment and saving on your Apus Peru trek? We are currently offering community clean up trek departures at discounted pricing. (see below for discounts) This pricing reflects that you are going to be helping out along the way!

Remote areas of Peru are often located far from formal garbage disposal facilities, and litter can be a common sight long otherwise pristine land. In Cusco, the popularity of trekking can make this problem much worse. Although Apus Peru packs out all their own trash, many other trekkers do not. For this reason, we organise clean up treks along our most popular alternative routes, but especially Choquequirao and Lares. Participants will be supplied with the same inclusions as our standard Trekkers Wanted departure.

These will be fun group departures that will include litter pick up as we hike through beautiful, remote areas. In exchange for your hard work, we will offer an Apus Peru Style trek , and you will receive a special Apus Peru Trail Clean Up t-shirt. The idea is to have fun, while trekking and helping to keep these beautiful areas clean!

These are challenging treks and we plan on doing them in the same amount of time as what you would normally trek them. That means that you will not be picking up litter all day - we plan that each group will work out a rotation whereby some people will be hiking and others picking up trash - then the turns will rotate and at the end of the day you will all arrive at camp at the same time. We are sending extra mules to take the rubbish collected out to an appropriate disposal point.

For personal stories of our Handy in the Andes Community Clean up Trek, our blog https://apusperublog.wordpress.com/2014/09/24/lares-to-machu-picchu-clean-up-trek-handy-in-the-andes/

Extra inclusions/ notes

  • 7kg of your things are included on a mule, this includes your sleeping bag. This means that your hands will be free to collect litter.
  • We will include gloves, rubbish bags in the trek.
  • you will get a very special Trek CleanUp Tshirt!


  • These tours will depart any day with 2 people, and will be according to our normal sliding scale which depends on the number of people in the group on the day of departure.
  • 20% discount across the board off the listed rates. The first four trekkers to book will be offered a free sleeping bag and walking stick! 
  • No discounts, and no travel agents!  ISIC discounts available. 
  • You cannot combine any other discounts with this trek, eg, the trek combinations or SAE discount is not applicable.
  • Minimum 2, maximum 12.


From clients who did a cleanup Trek in March 2016:

I was attracted to Apus Peru based on a very organized and well-conceived commitment to community programs (Threads of Peru, clean up treks) which went above the critical but commonly touted commitments to fair treatment of guides and porters espoused by most of the trekking companies I contacted. The trade-off, of course, is the somewhat higher cost. Matt was incredibly helpful and patient in helping me understand how Apus works prior to my decision to arrange a trek with the company.

We were most interested in the Lares trek based on the ability to get away from crowds (rumored on the Inca Trail), to have more flexibility in the rainy season (a concern with Salkantay), and to be able to meet with families from the villages along the way. We were fortunate enough to be able to arrange a clean-up Lares trek which both reduced the cost of the trek and helped us feel like we were given a little bit back to the communities that we walked through.

As for the trek: the Lares route provided to us was amazing. We saw highlands, cloud forest, and started to get into high jungle areas. Our first camp was outside a very small village that has been supported in several ways by Apus efforts, and we were able to see (and purchase) textiles directly from the women making them (not required, of course). We had our highest and most spectacular pass on our second day, and had a short third day that ended in the Lares hot springs. Honestly--I don't usually enjoy hot springs, but these were really great.