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Apus Peru has committed to the conservation of the Peruvian Amazon rainforest by making what will become a yearly donation to the Peruvian NGO ArBio in order to conserve one hectare of rainforest in the neighbouring state of Madre de Dios.

In this way, Apus Peru is directly contributing to the attainment of ArBio’s goals and successful implementation of their initiatives, including the preservation of biodiversity in this area.

ArBio manages an area of 1642 hectares (16.42m²) of tropical rainforest which boasts record levels of biodiversity, including a recorded 300 unique species of tree per hectare. This area is also home to a wide variety of bird and animal species, including the jaguar and tapir, both considered at-risk species due to the threat of deforestation and habitat loss.

Through this donation, Apus Peru is also contributing to the perpetuation of traditional knowledge, as one of ArBio’s projects includes the mapping and documentation of traditional medicinal plants found in their area of engagement.

ArBio is itself a responsible and ethically minded organization, as they dialogue with neighbouring land-owners to come to mutually beneficial, conservation-focused agreements. Apus Peru is proud to support such a forward-thinking, responsible and local organization.

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