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Welcome to this week’s edition of the Apus Peru FOCUS – The best way to visit Kuelap & Gocta Falls!

This series is a collection of travel tips and stories shared by other bloggers and traveler’s around the web.

We hope these tips and stories will inform and inspire you to visit Kuelap & Gocta Falls. If you have already been, please share a tip on things to see and do in Kuelap & Gocta Falls

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Kuelap & Gocta Falls Travel Essentials – What you need to know about a visit to Kuelap & Gocta Falls

An Adventure Into The Unknown – This blog post is about a woman who decided to take a trip to Peru with her siblings. Unfortunately, their plans to visit the Machu Picchu ruins were canceled and they decided to make the best of their day and go exploring instead! A great post to read through!

An impressive View – This post is actually part two of a two-part post. You can find the first part here! This stunning location was only discovered several years ago – can you believe that? It’s definitely worth the trip just for the view alone!


Things to do in Kuelap & Gocta Falls


Hiking With Mermaids – I found this post to be fantastic – it’s an up close and honest opinion about the trek to Gocta Falls. It even mentions a fun folklore story about a mermaid who bathes in the pool under the waterfall.

Tour The Fortress – One of the best things to do in Chachapoyas is of course…to visit Kuelap! Such an impressive structure! It stills holds the remains of animal sacrifices thousands of years ago! Its current residents are a herd of llamas that tend to not be so friendly.

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Where to eat in Kuelap & Gocta Falls

Food For The Trip – While this is not a post, it is a very informative list of restaurants that can be found in and around Chachapoyas. There are many reviews for each of the restaurant so you will know what to expect! If you click on the name of the restaurant, more information will pop up such as phone number, photos and the website of the restaurant itself.

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Where to stay in Kuelap & Gocta Falls

Lodging It In Chachapoyas – There are many opportunities to find affordable and comfortable places to stay in Chachapoyas. This is a great and long list of hotels and hostels in the area. If you click on the name of the location, you’ll be able to see all of the features and have the option to book!

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