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Imagine telling your friends that you arrived at Machu Picchu on Christmas day!

Machu Picchu in December is very beautiful! Photo by Ariana Svenson.

Apus Peru offers uniquely designed tours, so that you can delve into the rich Peruvian Christmas traditions, while also visiting Machu Picchu on Christmas –  a very special way to spend this 2012 vacation!

“I try to think about what I would want to experience, and create something like that for our clients,” says Ariana Svenson, Apus Peru Co-Founder.   “When you visit a place, you want to see how the local people live and share in their traditions.”

The local people come in from their villages to sell plants that are used to decorate the Nativity scenes for the Christmas celebration.

The Christmas tours enable you to visit the lively Selling of the Saints market in Cusco and also other little known community projects in the Sacred Valley, as well as knock-your-socks off sites like Sacsayhuaman.

As the added bonus, you can participate in one of the most beautiful Peruvian Christmas traditions –  the Chocolatada which involves the giving of hot chocolate, bread, and toys.

“If you are around Cusco at Christmas you see people waiting to receive their hot cup of chocolate and bread.  It’s a lovely tradition, that could be well duplicated in any part of the world as a way of spreading Christmas cheer,” says Ariana.

The amazing Selling of the Saints Market, the night before Christmas.

Apus Peru offer different styles of travel, Standard, Comfort Plus and Luxury, depending on your budget and needs.

For more information   

Special Machu Picchu Christmas 10d/9n – for trekkers who want to participate in a remote community chocolatada https://www.apus-peru.com/tours/a-very-different-christmas.htm

A Machu Picchu Christmas 8d/7n – for those interested in cultural immersion and visiting Machu Picchu on Christmas Day

Machu Picchu New Year 7d/6n –

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