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Planning a trip to Peru is a once in a lifetime experience for most. If you are going to do this trip with your children, the decision is even bigger and more complex! That is why it is useful to get tips and experience from people who have a depth of travel experience – with kids – in Peru.

Apus Peru’s co-Founder Ariana Svenson spent ten years wandering the Andes and has trekked nearly every trek Apus Peru offers. Then came kids. Like many parents, she discovered that how she approached life changed. After several years living in Peru with her firstborn, she relocated back to Australia, but has visited Peru frequently with her children – and also as a pregnant mama.  Now, mostly dedicated to motherhood, she blogs at World of Travels With Kids.

As expected, Ariana’s blog is a jam-packed resource for parents with children who plan to visit Peru. Below are some of the most applicable (and useful) posts from her blog that will help you plan your trip to Peru with Kids!



Should I Take My Children (Tweens and Up) Trekking in Peru?

Though she openly admits her family is entering the tween stage, Ariana has also used experiences from Apus Peru guests to write super detailed thoughts about whether you should take your children trekking in Peru.

Read the full article here: Should I Take My Children Trekking in Peru?

Trekking with Toddlers in the Andes

While kids are small and portable (eg, toddlers) they make decent trekking companions. Have you ever considered it?

If you are travelling with children under 8 years old, there are many things you need to think about prior to planning your travel:

  • Where will your child sleep? Can your child share a bed with you? Some 4- and 5-star hotels in Peru can provide cribs or cots on request for your little one, but most standard hotels do not.
  • Will you bring a travel crib/cot or Pack-and-Play? We recommend travelling with a Pack n Play or Portacot as having their own bed each night can create routine and stability for babies and toddlers, and a rested baby/toddler and parent means for a better trip overall! If you decide to bring one, have you thought about how you will transport it? Some transport options – including the train to Machu Picchu – have restrictions on the size and weight of what can be carried on board.
  • What and how much will your child eat?
    • Toddlers are notoriously picky eaters and don’t eat as much as older children. Most restaurants in Peru can cater to dietary needs, but they do not typically offer a children’s menu. Will your child need to order a full-portion meal, or are they more likely to share from your plate?
    • Babies will require baby food. We recommend you bring brands or food that works for your baby from home.
  • Will you bring your own car seat? Child car seats are not required by law in Peru and so are not always easy to find here. Bringing your own – especially for infants under 2 – may be your best bet. No matter what, make sure you discuss up front your car seat needs with your travel consultant prior to booking.

Ariana provides loads more of great advice in her blogs.

Read the full articles here:

Lares-trek-about 1 year

Tips for Acclimating to Altitude with Kids

Acclimatization needs to be taken seriously by everyone, but especially parents.  This is a must-read article for everyone visiting Peru with kids, whether they plan to trek or not.

Get all the details here: Acclimating to Altitude with Kids


Traveling Risk of Malaria in Kids

If you are considering visiting the Amazon, it is a zoned malaria area. So, what are the risks of malaria when travelling with kids? Find out in this informative article.

Read the full article here: Risk of Malaria in Kids Travelling to Peru

Visiting Machu Picchu with Kids

We have lots of information about visiting Machu Picchu for adults on our own blog, but this article is aimed specifically at people travelling with younger children who are looking for ideas about what to see and do at Machu Picchu with kids.

Find out more here: Visiting Machu Picchu with Kids


Hiking the Short Inca Trail with Baby

Looking for some first-hand experiences of trekking with small kids in the Andes? Wondering what is possible? Then take a look at these different treks that have been done with babies, and small kids.

Get all the details here: Hiking the Short Inca Trail with a Baby

Peru Lodge-to-Lodge Trek with Kids

A lodge-to-lodge trek is also a good way to trek with small children but with more comfort than camping out in the cold! Read all about Ariana’s experiences in her fantastically informative blog.

Find the full details here: Lodge-to-lodge Trekking with Kids in Peru


Andean lodges trek with kids

Trek with Llamas

Perhaps you think that overnight or multiday trekking with your kids would be too difficult. Then why not do a day trip in the Sacred Valley – and see some llamas! The opportunity to do some easy hiking around the Andes, accompanied by llamas and alpacas, is sure to be a huge hit with your family.

Read the full article here: Trekking with Llamas

Andean-Lodges-trek (2)

More Tips on Visiting Peru with Kids

For anyone considering a trip to Peru with kids, Ariana has a lot of information on what she and her family have done, including tips for playgrounds in Cusco, Sacred Valley excursions and more. All of it is well researched over multiple visits and stays. Check out Cusco with Kids for her tried-and-true recommendations!

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