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Trying to decide which trek in Peru to do, Inca Trail vs Lares Trek? Both are spectacular treks, so making a choice can be tough. We break down the pros and cons of both, based on when you go, your fitness levels and what you're looking for in a trek.
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There is more to Peru than Machu Picchu! We look at 17 Machu Picchu alternatives that you will ABSOLUTELY want to add to your bucket list.
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If you’re planning to do a hike in Peru, you’ll need to spend time acclimatizing for 2 or 3 days first, and the most logical place to do this is in Cusco. Wondering what to do in Cusco for 3 days? You’ve come to the right place!
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Explore our Ausangate treks - the most spectacular hiking in Peru! Full of wildlife and dazzling glacial lakes, it will take your breath away. Click to read all about the region and what makes it so special.
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Looking for the best Inca Trail tour and not sure what to choose? In this post, we tell you why we think the 5 day Inca Trail trek is the BEST Inca Trail out there - fewer crowds, more time, and even the option to go luxe.
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