Culture & Festivals

Peru has a rich culture and fascinating history: from pre-Columbian times through to the impressive Incan Empire, the colonial era and the modern Peru of today, there is an almost infinite cultural tapestry to explore.

The Peruvian calendar – and particularly the Andes – is measured by a series of colourful festivals, Saints’ days and cultural traditions.

Get a taste for Peruvian culture by checking out these articles on everything from Peruvian food and local delicacies to the Qoyllur R’iti pilgrimage, the Virgen del Carmen festival, the stunning Andean weaving tradition, and so much more!


All About the Señor de Qoyllur Rit’i Pilgrimage

The Qoyllur Rit’i (pronounced coil-yore-ree-tee) pilgrimage is a cultural festival full of...
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qoyllur rit'i pilgrimage

A Trip to the Qoyllur Rit’i Festival

In this post, past Apus Peru team member Amanda Zenick describes her...
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Qoylloriti pilgrimmage

An Unforgettable Qoyllur Rit’i Trek

  Qoyllur Rit’i (also spelled Qollor Riti or Qoylloriti) is perhaps one...
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Giving Back to the Community: Christmas Chocolatada 2015

Apus Peru Giving Back to the Community Apus Peru loves giving back to...
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Chocolatada 2014

Christmas Chocolatada in Peru 2014

The Chocolatada: A Peruvian Christmas Tradition Christmas in Peru is full of...
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Threads of Peru Update

If you follow Apus Peru, you know that responsible travel is at...
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chocolatada 2011

Apus Peru 2012 Chocolatada

Since 2008, Apus Peru and their partner organization Threads of Peru have hosted...
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chocolatada (1)

Apus Peru staff participate in annual Chocolatada.

Each year since 2008,  Apus Peru and their partner organisation Threads of...
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