Peruvian Culture & Festivals

The Qoyllur Rit’i (pronounced coil-yore-ree-tee) pilgrimage is a cultural festival full of dance and religious devotion. It is where the mountains meet the people of Peru! Getting to Know Andean Culture with Apus Peru At Apus Peru, all of our off-the-beaten-path Peru treks aim to immerse the active hiker into the Andean culture and way...
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qoyllur rit'i pilgrimage
In this post, past Apus Peru team member Amanda Zenick describes her experience of the Qoyllur Rit’i Festival, an extremely special and increasingly famous Andean festival in the mountains of Peru. What is the Qoyllur Rit’i Festival? “Imagine tens of thousands of Peruvians, the majority indigenous, dressed in a range of amazing costumes, all converging...
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Qoylloriti pilgrimmage
  Qoyllur Rit’i (also spelled Qollor Riti or Qoylloriti) is perhaps one of the most amazing cultural events that takes place in all of South America. Yet only a handful of adventurous travellers ever reach this remote place! Each year thousands of pilgrims hike to Mt Sinakara in Peru to join the largest indigenous festival...
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Apus Peru Giving Back to the Community Apus Peru loves giving back to the community. One of the ways we do this is our annual Christmas Chocolatada. We celebrate this Peruvian Christmas tradition every year, bringing Christmas treats and gifts to remote Andean villages. This year (2015), although the weather wasn’t perfect, our hot chocolate, festive...
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Chocolatada 2014
The Chocolatada: A Peruvian Christmas Tradition Christmas in Peru is full of fascinating cultural traditions, from paneton to the Santirantikuy to the Christmas Chocolatada. The Chocolatada in Peru is a wonderful way to spread Christmas cheer. Businesses and individuals bring cups of steaming hot chocolate, treats and gifts to those in need. For Apus Peru, the...
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If you follow Apus Peru, you know that responsible travel is at the heart of what we do.  One of the pillars of responsible tourism is social sustainability. We have contributed to social sustainability through various initiatives over the years, including educational projects, clothing drives, and our annual Christmas chocolatada.   You will also know...
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chocolatada 2011
Since 2008, Apus Peru and their partner organization Threads of Peru have hosted an annual chocolatada in the remote community of Chaullacocha, where many Apus Peru Inca Trail porters and their families live.  While Threads of Peru (and generous Apus Peru clients) host the event, Apus Peru staff  actually run it and it has a become...
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chocolatada (1)
Each year since 2008,  Apus Peru and their partner organisation Threads of Peru, have hosted an annual Chocolatada in the remote community of Chaullacocha.  While Threads of Peru (and generous Apus Peru clients) host the event, Apus Peru staff  actually run it and it has a become a special “high” point in the annual calendar....
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