Inti Raymi

24th June

The Sun Festival

One of the biggest and most impressive celebrations in Cusco, Inti Raymi is a homage to the Sun, an important God in Inca Culture. The main part of the day takes place at the Ruins of Sacsayhuaman. Inti Raymi celebrated on the 24th of June is the Festival in which Wiracocha is honored. The Inca Empire or Tawantinsuyo based its religion on the cult of the Sun. This celebration is a symbol of the deep bondage between the sun and his children, the human beings

The ceremony starts earlier the same day at the Koricancha (the Temple of the Sun, in the city of Cusco) and at the Plaza de Armas (Haucaypata, in Inca times). Around noon the participants go to Sacsahuaman, together with the thousands of national and international tourists that came especially to see this ceremony.

Inti Raymi is one of the shortest days in the southern hemisphere, and the celebration was possibly organized by the Incas (possibly on June 21th), because they were afraid that the Sun (their Father) would abandon them (his sons) because he was seen so little during this day.

Please note that unlike most festivals in Cusco, Inti Raymi has actually been restored as a tourist festival.

Also note that Inti Raymi is the height of the tourist season in Peru, with all hotels and facilities VERY FULL. You should book well in advance to ensure you get a reservation. Also note that most top end hotels increase their prices by 15% - 30% during this week.

Inti Raymi - Tickets for seating in Sacsayhuaman cost above $100 and aree purchased through EMUFEC, at Calle Santa Catalina Ancha No. 333, or email [email protected] Web site