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Want to know what to expect when you hike the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu? Check out this past client’s Inca Trail review!


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Inca Trail Review: The Best Guide

Our trip was fantastic and there is nothing we would have changed. We were fortunate to have Herbert as our guide.  As expected he was excellent throughout the hike, keeping us motivated when needed and educating us along the trail. He literally knows every inch of the trail! Herbert seemed to quickly assess our strengths and patterns, or “rhythm,” as he said, which helped all of us to work together. Very quickly we built a rapport and friendship with him and are grateful for the experience he gave us. Apus Peru is certainly fortunate to have Herbert.



Inca Trail Review: Great Food & a Great Team!

The porters and our cook were very hard working, professional and also fun and friendly. The food was surprisingly impressive. I never expected fresh fish and meat on a hiking trip! Our only regret is that we couldn’t communicate with our porters. It’s something we should have prepared better. They worked very hard for us and it would have been nice for us to be able to thank them in their language.



Inca Trail Review: Expectations Exceeded

The trip truly exceeded our expectations and we will highly recommend you to friends who consider the Inca Trail. The three day approach was also very manageable and I think it could become very attractive for other hikers.

Thank you for all of your support and service as we planned our hike. Again, it was a fantastic time!

Best Regards,



Thank you, Bridget, for this wonderful Inca Trail review! To book any of our amazing Inca Trail treks, get in touch with one of our Trek Experts today!



First published on 8 February 2017; updated on 6 December 2019.

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