Under the shadow of Apu Ausangate, Cusco’s most sacred mountain

Walk among villagers and their alpaca herds past glaciers and high alpine lakes, with rarely another trekker in sight.

Coming in at nearly 6400m, Ausangate is the highest peak in the Cusco region and the most sacred apu (mountain deity) in Andean cosmology. Also spelled Auzangate, the 5-day Ausangate trek begins about 100 km southeast of Cusco city at the trailhead in Tinki.

The Ausangate hike is a strenuous high-altitude hike in Peru, with many passes reaching close to 5000m. It is also one of the most breathtaking Andean hikes, with stunning crystalline lakes, soaring peaks and an abundance of wildlife, from llamas and alpacas, to the rare and endangered vicuña, and – if you’re lucky – the cute, rambunctious vizcacha, a relative of the chinchilla. Another treat on the Ausangate trek is the chance to bathe in several natural hot springs along the way!

Ausangate is known for the now-famous Vinicunca Rainbow Mountain with its colourful striations, and also for the Qoyllur Rit’i festival – an annual pilgrimage that blends Christian and Andean faiths. We have specially crafted short hikes to Rainbow Mountain, 2- and 4-day pilgrimages to Qoyllur Rit’i and also a twist on the classic Ausangate trail that includes the gorgeous Sibinacocha lagoon. Like all of our treks, these Ausangate hikes are designed to get you off the beaten path – ideal for the adventurous trekker looking to escape the crowds and see the real Peru.

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Palccoyo Rainbow Mountain Hike 1D

Duration: 1 Day
Availability : Availability: Every Day.
Depart: Cusco
Destination: Palccoyo
Min Age : 8
Max People : 12
Ausangate trek

Ausangate Rainbow Mountains Trek 5D

Duration: 5 Days / 4 Nights
Availability : Every Day.
Depart: K'airahuiri Alto
Destination: Pacchanta
Min Age : 10
Max People : 12
(4 Reviews)

Ausangate Hike to Sibinacocha 6D

6 Days / 5 Nights
Availability : We depart any day during dry season with 2 people. Not available Dec-Mar.
Min Age : 10
Max People : 12
(2 Reviews)

Ausangate Trek 5D

Duration: 5 Days / 4 Nights
Availability : Every Day
Depart: Tinqui
Destination: Cusco
Min Age : 10
Max People : 12
(2 Reviews)

Rainbow Mountain Cusco Trek 1D

1 Day
Availability : We depart any day with 2 people. Dec-Mar departures are weather-dependant.
Rainbow Mountain
Min Age : 8
Max People : 12
(1 Review)

Rainbow Mountain Trek 2D

Duration: 2 Days / 1 Night
Availability : Every Day.
Depart: Qh'esihuno
Destination: K'airahuiri
Min Age : 8
Max People : 12
(3 Reviews)
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