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Here in the Apus Peru reservations office, we get tons of enquiries from trekkers looking to join a specific group trek on dates that we aren´t currently offering.  It is difficult for us to match these people up, especially in the time before the desired departure date.  SO, I am hoping that we can use our blog as a forum for uniting potential trekkers!  I have posted a link to our most current confirmed departures below, this will be updated regularly.  If anyone is interested forming additional groups, please post on THIS page with the dates and treks you are hoping to create! Happy Trekking 🙂
Trekkers Wanted-Apus Peru Group Departures
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  1. hello everyone! we are kicking off a new page of ‘Trekkers Wanted’ for 2017 so please include your preferred dates, trek route, and any other applicable information here! Looking forward to getting some great groups together!

    1. Miriam Segon

      Hi all had to do a quick change of plans and have taken the chance and booked flights to Lima arving Thursday 20 July and hoping to do the Salkantay and Choquequirao treks. Need to leave Lima Sunday 6 August. Single fit 58 year old female just finised the Camino del Nord (400 kilometers) and all of the Primativo)

    2. Linda Crane

      I’m an American woman (North Carolina), seeking trekkers interested in doing the 6-Day Salkantay-Inca trail-Machu Picchu in December 2017.
      The purpose of my trek is doing research and location scouting for a screenplay I’m writing. The screenplay is a supernatural action adventure. Being spiritually focused, I will be approaching this trip with a sacred mindset and ceremonial connection to Apu, Snake, Puma and Condor energies, energies who play notable roles in my screenplay. Actual experience blended with imagination is a recipe for great storytelling. Whatever your intention is for taking this trek, approaching it with honor and reverence will lead to answers of questions you never thought to ask; hence, lies the secret to all great adventures.
      Blessings to all.

      1. Hi Linda,
        Thanks for your message,
        Unfortunately, we do not recommend to do the Salkantay Trek in December due to the raining season, we do operarte the Inca Trail and maybe we can help you with the trek, here is my email adress if you want to get more information about the Inca Trail: [email protected]
        I look forward to hearing from you
        Warm regards,
        Enrique Peña

  2. Marie Tieu

    Hi everyone! I’m a friendly EurAsian female from Paris but leaving in San Francisco (speaking English, French native, and Spanish), pretty fit, hiking every weekend, in general comfortable w/ 10-13+ miles w/ elevation 4,000 + feet elevation w/ avg 3 miles / hr. I’m quite flexible and happy to adapt to other hikers’ pace w/ hiking much slower to enjoy nature on vacation.
    I’m looking to do this Lares to Machu Picchu (scenic trail-lakes, villages, wild life/animals, etc, not over crowded compared to Inca Trail, no permit required, and off the beaten path trek: leaving during DRY season, Sat 5/27 fly from SF and return on Sun 6/4 (8 days), catching potentially festival period, in end of May-beginning of June.
    [In summary, roughly 8 days w/ flight time = 2 days recommended to acclimate to altitude in Cusco, 4 days/3 nights trek, abt 1 day rest/exploration perhaps before return flight].
    Would love to meet new people and looking for the company of another hiker (female preferably to share tent), or more hikers (male or female) to lower costs. 🙂 Please email me at [email protected] to start discussion/explore options. Feel free to let me know if you have any questions. Thanks! Marie (from San Francisco). 😉

  3. Marie

    Hello, I’m female, fit, regular hiker. I’m looking to join a group and share tent w/ another female, to do Classic Inca Trail (4 days/3 nights) in May or June. Need a permit. Please contact me asap if you have an open spot or may know of someone or another group who may have one. Thanks!

  4. Joanie

    Hello, we are a young couple from Canada looking for people to do the Choquequirao trek (4 days) with Machu Picchu extension August 25 or 26. We are not much flexible on the dates since we are only in Cusco for 1 week.
    Please contact me if you are looking for the same date, thanks a lot.


    Ausangate Trek (5 days/ 4 nights) start Thursday, 24th August 2017
    Hi, we are a young couple from US. Very fit and friendly looking for some fellow travelers so we could create a group.

    1. Hi Jamie
      Have you filled your quota for this trip as I am looking to join a group on this trek.
      I am an older but fit male Aussie living in Brasil, I have a reasonable amount of day hike experience and also have completed the W trail in TDP, so not exactly a novice. My wife may be able to join but not certain as yet as she has just had a spell in hospital. My FB page will give you an insight to my being your sort of trekking companion
      I look forward to your reply.

      1. Sandy

        Hi Steve
        Are you interested in doing the six day Ausangate Trek? We are looking to do this around 01 October 2017.
        Sandy and Scott Australia)

  6. Matias Chanquet

    Hola!! Quiero hacer la caminata Choquequirao de 9 días, soy de uruguay y tengo 25 años me gustaría encontrar un buen grupo de personas para compartir este viaje. Si hay alguien interesado comunicarse conmigo por mail o aquí mismo. [email protected]

  7. Adriane Schütz

    Hi ! I’m Adriane a 40 years old german female Treker living in México. I would
    love to do the Salkany Trek 5 days, starting the 9 th of April 2017.

  8. Ofer De-Picciotto

    We are 2 people from Israel, looking to do Salkantay trek (5 days) to Machu Picchu on April 17th. Looking forward to joining other travelers for this trek.

  9. Kevin

    G’day mates! Me, an Aussie solo traveller very keen to do the Choquequirao Trek 4D/3N around the dates of 20-24MAY17. Am active in hiking, rock-climbing, snowboarding, meeting great people & exploring the world.
    Too bad I am pretty much fixed on trekking dates, as I’ll have to catch my flight on 25MAY17. Any takers please please please get in touch…. My virgin Peruvian trek is counting on you! 😀

  10. Guy Dupont

    Hi, I’m looking for 6 to 8 other hikers to form a group to depart May 16, 2017 for: Choquequirao In Depth (5days/4 nights). I’m 60y from Montreal Canada, and speak French and English.

  11. Carsten

    Hi – I’m looking to do the 5D in depth or perhaps 4D Choquequirao trek in early July 2017. I’ve already booked an Inca Trail to MP trip returning to Cusco 29 Jun – am figuring on a couple of days to recover / wash my gear and then hope to find a group for Choquequirao. I’m a 52yr M, living in London; speak Eng, Ger, Fre and Spanish (but don’t know the technical hiking terms yet…). Travelled in ca 90 countries, camped in ca a dozen. More traveller than trekker but last year spent 7 days hiking / camping in Papuan rain forest. Will be 10th visit to Peru – a decade ago I worked as a volunteer on an Inca archaeology project at 3700m for 2 weeks.

  12. Hello,
    25 year old traveler from the US with 50% chance of 2nd traveler depending on hike! We are looking to do LARES TREK TO MACHU PICCHU but are open to another. Hoping to go anytime from June to September 2017. We are very friendly and experienced hiking overnight treks and backpacking. Please reach out if you are looking for 1 or 2 people to join your expedition! Thank you!

    1. Megan

      Hi Leah! My friend and I are doing the Lares Trek with Inca Trekkers on starting July 1. Let me know if you’d like to go in the same group as us!

    2. Hi Leah
      Not sure if you have fixed up your treks but if you are still undecided I am looking to do the 5day Ausangate trek with Rainbow mountain in August.
      I am an older but fit male Aussie living in Brasil, I have a reasonable amount of day hike experience and also have completed the W trail in TDP, so not exactly a novice. My wife may be able to join but not certain as yet as she has just had a spell in hospital. My FB page will give you an insight to my being your sort of trekking companion
      I look forward to your reply.

  13. Tanya

    Hi everyone, I’d like to trek to Choquequirao over 5 days/4 nights starting on May 29 or 30, 2017. I’m a 30 year-old solo traveller from Toronto, Canada. My dates are fixed, I fly out back to Lima on June 4. If you’re also having plans to trek to Choquequirao at the end of May, please let me know, I’d love to form a group!

  14. Stephanie

    I would like to do Salkantay – 5D. Leaving on May 1 or 2.
    I am in my 30’s. Female. Canadian. Would love to get a group together!

  15. Marion Khamis

    Hi! Looking for trekking partners any age for 4-5 day trekking between 17 and the 22 of september Dates are fixed as I already have my flights but route is negotiable (Choquequirao, Sacred Valley and around, elsewhere around Cuzco except classic inca trail). Cant be too extreme (ie not harder than classic inca trail!). Female, 40, Chilean, easy going!

  16. Sarah Fleck

    Hey! We are two german girls (26, 27) who want to do the Lares Chupani Special trek (2days) at the beginning of june.It would be great if we find some nice people who wanna join us for that tour 🙂

  17. Megan

    Hi all! Two women doing the Lares Trek starting July 3rd, 2017 for four days/3nights! Let me know if you’d like to join up with us! Thanks!

  18. Hi
    I am looking to do the 5day Ausangate trek with Rainbow mountain in August.
    I am an older but fit male Aussie living in Brasil, I have a reasonable amount of day hike experience and also have completed among others the W trail in TDP, so not exactly a novice.
    My FB page will tell you if I am the right fit for your group
    If it looks promising email me at [email protected]
    Tchau for now

      1. Steve Painter

        No I still have not made the trip, perhaps 2019. I am in Ushuaia for 3 more day, had 9 days in El Chalten too so need to start saving the pennies for Peru 🙂 Good luck finding a partner

  19. Mia

    Hi all! Two ladies ( 1 canadian and 1 american ) doing the 5 day Classic Inca Trail to Machu Picchu November 9 – 13, 2017 ! Let us know if you’d like to join up with us! Thanks!

  20. jane

    Hi w.w.w..
    Looking for those who wish to see more of the area and hike for a day in Sacred Valley – from Cusco (second visit to Cusco/Machu Picchu) 11-13 December 2017. Thanks

  21. Linda Crane

    Posted a Trekkers request earlier today for the 6-Day Salkantay-Inca Trail-Machu Picchu trek for a Dec 2017 date. An ap specialist responded telling me apus-peru doesn’t run this trek in Dec due to rain.
    I’m set on taking the 6-Day Salkantay-etc trek when tourist traffic is low. Do you offer this trek in Nov 2017 or Jan 2018?

  22. Darlisa Turcotte

    Hey friends _ my partner and I are looking to trek the 4 day classic Inca trail in November. Hoping we can start between November 15 and 17, also hoping to make new friends! Let us know if you’d like to go to with us!

    1. Mia

      We are trekking the inca trail Nov 9 to – Nov 13 and we have booked with Apus Peru, we are two friends from US and Canada, if flexible you can join us.

  23. Beli

    Hola! Somos 2 españolas, queremos hacer la ruta del Salkantay hacia finales del mes de Octubre, principios de Noviembre, ¿alguien se apunta?
    Hi! We are two spanish women, we want to make the Salkantay rute at final October, first days of November, somebody would like to join?

  24. Valarie Agnello

    Hi there….I am traveling in the summer of 2018, I can travel any time from June 1 – July 31 I am looking for a group to join to do the Inca train,

  25. Susanna

    I am a solo female traveller from Australia looking for 1 or more other travellers to join me on the Ausangate & Vinicunca Rainbow Mountain Trek. I would be looking to depart Cusco around 14-16 JULY 2018 (I can be flexible, but 15th would be perfect for me).
    I would be open to just doing the Ausangate Trek if that is easer to get a group together.
    Please let me know if you are interested – either comment on here or you can email me at [email protected].
    Muchos Gracias!

  26. Aryn Yancher

    I’m looking to do the 7, 8 or 9 day Choquequirao trek between mid-March and mid-April 2018. Anyone interested in joining me? I am a 31 year old solo female traveler from California. I am a trail runner and ultramarathoner with altitude hiking experience. Love to laugh and be challenged and would love to share this opportunity and meet some new, fun and adventure loving people along the way 🙂

  27. MARCO

    Hola, mi nombre es Marco. Soy peruano con ganas de hacer el camino a Choquequirao desde Cusco (5 días) tal vez en Julio o Agosto 2018. Viajo solo, así que si alguien planea hacer el mismo Trek, avísenme si les gustaría unirse. Gracias.
    Hello, my name is Marco. I´m peruvian looking forward to do the Choquequirao Trek from Cuzco (5 days) maybe in July or August 2018. I´m a solo traveler, so if any of you plan to do the same trek, let me know if you’d like to join up.Thanks!.

  28. Michael

    I’m an Italian guy (25yo) seeking trekkers interested in doing the 6Days Salkantay trail or at least the Inca trail to Machu Picchu.
    I’ll be in Cuzco on the 16 August and I’ll stay for a couple of weeks more or less; then I’ll go to Bolivia to visit the Salar de Uyuni.
    Hope to find someone to share the cost of the tour

    1. martina yu

      Hi We are a couple (40s) with one 9YO boy from Hong Kong. We would like to do Lares trek 2 days 1 night (could be extended to become Machu Picchu trek). we would like to do the Lares Trek on 17 and 18 August 2018. Looking to find more hikers to form a group. Thank you

  29. martina yu

    hello we are a family of 3 from hong kong. We would like to do lares trek 2 days 1 night on 17 and 18 August 2018. Looking to find more hikers to form a group. Thank you

  30. Ellie Powter

    Hello! We are a couple from Australia looking for a few extra people to join the 2 day, 1 night trek on the 1st-2nd November 2018. We would love to hear from you if you are keen.

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