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I know I know… who wants to hear it? But you would be counting down if you had your Inca Trail permits!! Maybe Machu Picchu has always been on your ‘bucket list’? Well why not fulfil that dream this holiday?

The Classic Shot of Machu Picchu. Photo by Michael Mossop.
The Classic Shot of Machu Picchu. Photo by Michael Mossop.
Selling of the Saints a typical Cusqueño Yuletide festivity
The Plaza comes alive all through Christmas Eve and right into the night selling handmade artisan prducts

Submerse yourself in the fabulous Peruvian culture that celebrates Christmas with a mix of Catholic and Andean beliefs, like the “Selling of the Saints” or “Santurantikuy” in Quechua.

Santurantikuy: local people come in from their villages to sell plants that are used to decorate the Nativity scenes for the Christmas celebration.

Apus Peru have carefully designed special Christmas itineraries and tour packages that enable you to choose your prefereces, including a special once a year trek that involves one of the most beautiful Peruvian Christmas traditions –  the Chocolatada which involves the giving of hot chocolate, bread, and toys.

Merry Christmas in Chaullacocha, foto Apus Peru 2014
Merry Christmas in Chaullacocha, foto Apus Peru 2014

Other features of our Christmas and New Year itineraries highlight little known community projects in the Sacred Valley, as well as knock-your-socks off sites like Sacsayhuaman and typical Cusquenean events such as El Sinkuy in Ollantaytambo on New Years day.

Natural slides Sacsayhuaman, foto Emily Doherty
Natural slides, Sacsayhuaman, photo Emily Doherty
El Sinkuy
El Sinkuy – men in masks!!

So, get away this year and make the most of your Christmas break, or vacation period by taking a holiday in Peru and experiencing a very different culture from your own!!

Apus Peru provide unique itineraries which make a solid foundation for any visitor’s exploration to Peru. From these foundations you are able to create your own bespoke itinerary. Here are our links to the varied and exciting packages that could make this Christmas a very special and memorable one for years to come… Happy Holidays!





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