Giving Back to the Community: Christmas Chocolatada 2015

Apus Peru Giving Back to the Community Apus Peru loves giving back to...
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Chocolatada 2014

Christmas Chocolatada in Peru 2014

The Chocolatada: A Peruvian Christmas Tradition Christmas in Peru is full of...
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185 days until Christmas 2015

I know I know… who wants to hear it? But you would...
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chocolatada 2011

Apus Peru 2012 Chocolatada

Since 2008, Apus Peru and their partner organization Threads of Peru have hosted...
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chocolatada (1)

Apus Peru staff participate in annual Chocolatada.

Each year since 2008,  Apus Peru and their partner organisation Threads of...
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Feliz navidad & Merry Christmas!

With the annual Threads of Peru/ Apus Peru chocolatada over, dawns the...
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