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A bit over a month ago, Apus Peru held its annual pollada.  Our pollada is both a fundraiser for Apus Peru-sponsored community events around the holidays and a chance for staff, family and friends to get together and have fun!


Reservations staff members Erika and Hilda, along with guides Urbano, Julio, Domingo & Jose prepare to serve.

In Cusco, polladas are parties where chicken, sides and beverages are sold, and are popular as a means of raising funds for both planned and unanticipated costs.  The funds raised during our 2012 pollada are currently being used to purchase items for holiday gift baskets containing useful household goods, such as non-perishable food items and small amounts of money.


Erika and Domingo with a yummy pollada plate!


 Muleteer Asterio and cooks Eugenio,  Joseph and Mauro were in charge of the chicha.

Gift baskets are now being distributed to the Inca Trail porters, muleteers, cooks and other staff members who Apus Peru works with throughout the year.

Everyone that works with or for Apus Peru cooperated to make the event a success, from shopping, cooking, and setting up the site, to helping collect money, serve food, and clean. This year, we prepared roast potatoes, salad, aji (a type of spicy sauce made with different chiles and ingredients in distinct areas of Peru), mote (a traditional corn dish), chicha (a Peruvian corn beverage), and other drinks.


Guides Joel and Arturo enjoying their meal.

Our pollada lasted all day and into the night.  During this time, Apus staff took turns serving attendees, enjoying the food, playing soccer (football), dancing and generally having a good time.  Thank you to everyone who participated in this event!


The  yearly soccer match: cooks vs. drivers and guides.

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