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The judging of these photos has caused a good deal of discussion and a bit of healthy disagreement as we asked ourselves, “How do you judge a Photo competition?”

At first we thought that perhaps we should call in a professional photographer to be our Judge, and they could look at things like photo composition, technical qualities and looking for the overall best photo.

However, the more we discussed it, the more we felt we should choose photos that captured a unique view of trekking in the Andes – what makes Andes treks special, or what makes Apus special.  That is, the ability of the photo to tell a story.

It was a difficult decision – and congratulations to everyone that entered.

Here are the winners:

Overall Best picture: Julie Rosicky – Best Trek Memory – Julie Rosicky writes, “Attached is my favorite photo as a lot of effort went into to taking it. It was the last day of the Ausangate trek (August 4th or 5th?) and we saw the horses silloutted against the quickly setting sun- we were trying to capture them and ben (my youngest) had this idea to lie down on the ground to get the camera still enough to get the shot. Then Domingo offered to take the photo with my camera- so that is me standing there with the horse, taken by Domingo… We had a great time getting this one right, esp. as we were losing daylight quickly!

Winner – Best Trek Memory Alpacas on the Ausangate trek – Michael Rees
Highly commended Ned Grauel's Best Memory - Big Willy makes an offering to the Apus

Most interesting photo Winner – Llama on the Lares trek, submitted by Katie Grauel.
Highly commended - Nikos Mourtos for his photo of Chaullacocha porter Tomas Sullkapuma
Best Apus Tshirt Photo Winner - Tianna Meriage-Reiter : So glad I went with Apus!
Best Apus Tshirt Photo: Highly commended – Catherine Ralston's picture of Big Willy on the Inca Trail.

To everyone that entered: a huge thank you for sharing your photos and your memories – it has been a pleasure hearing from you and seeing your favourite photos and stories.

To the Winners – congratulations.  Ariana will organise each of you a voucher reflecting your winning prize during the next couple of weeks.  Or you can email her as a reminder!

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