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Off-the-beaten-path Treks & Ethical Tourism in Peru Apus Peru prides itself on being one of the leaders in ethical tourism in Peru. Since the day we opened our doors, we knew that we wanted this company to be different than all the rest of the Cusco trekking companies and tour operators. Exploitation in the tourism...
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If you follow Apus Peru, you know that responsible travel is at the heart of what we do.  One of the pillars of responsible tourism is social sustainability. We have contributed to social sustainability through various initiatives over the years, including educational projects, clothing drives, and our annual Christmas chocolatada.   You will also know...
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Apus Peru  strives to be the kind of company that takes our responsibilities to the communities of Peru seriously. We feel that it is equally important that our hosts, whose home this is, benefit from our presence on their “turf,” as that visitors enjoy their time in this unique and vibrant country! We believe in...
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With this week being the annual registration period for licenced Inca Trail operators, we thought we could offer a little advice when choosing who to trek with. 1. Not all agencies are licensed tour operators: There are two types of companies that will sell you an Inca trail package: registered tour operators and middle men...
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