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The principal bridge on the Classic Choquequirao trek (Rosalinas bridge) was completely destroyed last week by a landslide in the Apurimac canyon.

With the only other bridge access (at San Ignacio) severely damaged a couple weeks ago, (see previous blog post)  the ruins at Choquequirao are now completely inaccessible and the trekking route closed.

With the trekking high season just about to start, this a blow to local communities who depend on tourists visiting the remote and beautiful Choquequirao ruins. Mayors and local leaders are currently in emergency meetings to talk about how quickly they can build a new bridge.

Apus Peru is currently investigating alternative entry routes and points but these are likely to require a few days more trekking than the current route.

Rosalinas Bridge in better days.

In the meantime…

  1. Apus Peru is contacting all of our guests who are departing on the Choquequirao route in the next 2 weeks to discuss changing your trek to an alternative route immediately.
  2. If you have a Choquequirao trek from approximately mid May onwards, you can elect to change the route now, or you can wait to see how things develop. Apart from the possibly of opening up a new trekking route,  there is the possibility that the local municipality will be able to make an old flying fox-like “oroya”  crossing operational.   (We will publish more information on what this involves –  if it becomes a reality!)ç
  3. If you have a Choquequirao trek from July onwards we’d suggest waiting before you take further action, as its likely (but not guaranteed) that there will be a solution organised by then.

While this is a natural disaster and out of our control, we apologise for any disappointment caused.  Please email us directly with questions and we will do our best to respond, though we don’t have any more specific information at this time.

Cook, Herbert Saire on the bridge, with a horse. (photo taken by guide Big Willy)

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