Alternative Inca Trail Treks

Comfort Camping

Comfort Camping On Your Peru Trek

What is Comfort Camping Long before we heard the term “glamping” even...
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The Espíritu Pampa Trek

The Essence of Espíritu Pampa: Manco Inca’s haven from the Spanish –...
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Vicuñas: Golden Camelid of Peru

You may catch a rare glimpse of a herd of vicuñas on...
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Family trekking in the Andes.

My name is Matt, I work as a Travel Consultant for Apus...
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Who wants hot chocolate?

Now that I have your attention, I would like to share something...
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Choquequirao ruins inaccessible & trekking route closed

The principal bridge on the Classic Choquequirao trek (Rosalinas bridge) was completely...
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No Frills Trekking Group departures

Apus Peru  are the alternative trekking specialists in Cusco – we pioneered...
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Trekking with Your Partner

We asked two of our recent clients, Megan and Greg, to share...
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