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As I’ve gotten older, and I’ve seen trends come and go, and one such fashion was Lonely Planet’s BlueList.

The BlueList was a concept Lonely Planet promoted around 2006…  To use their words, “We created this word because here is no word to describe what we set out to do with this new book, which is to ‘create an evolving selection of classic and current travel experiences and destinations selected by Lonely Planet staff, authors and travellers.’

Ariana Svenson enjoying Corpus Christi with her daughter.
Ariana Svenson enjoying Corpus Christi with her daughter.

At the time, I was a passionate traveller and even aspiring writer –  and set my pen to paper various times to write these ‘Blue Lists.’

Now long gone from the Lonely Planet website and even my memory,   I found them carefully saved on a dusty hard drive and to my surprise … they are still amazingly relevant to trekkers and people visiting the Cusco region!

Stay tuned for our next blog post – a Blue List about Different Angles of Machu Picchu!

Ariana Svenson, Apus Peru Co-Founder and one time Blue-Lister

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